What is an Online Casino RNG?

Online Casino Random Number Generators (RNG) are the essence of the online gaming industry. We will go as far as to say that they are the heart of the business, and without them, casinos just wouldn’t be able to function. Because RNGs guarantee fairness and fun, they are beneficial to both the casino and the player.

When you attend a brick-and-mortar casino, dealers shuffle cards by hand. On the other hand, when you are gambling online, RNGs replace the dealer and shuffling are done by a mathematical formula to ensure that every spin of the reels, cards dealt and dice rolled is entirely random and unpredictable.


How does an RNG Work?

If you require a random number at a land-based casino, you would have to shuffle. The same concept applies to bingo and lotteries.

Since there is a requirement of random numbers all the time, computerised RNGs were developed with the aim of providing ‘shuffling’ more rapidly.

RNG casinos use a system called the Pseudorandom Number Generator (PRNG). This algorithm creates plenty of long strings of random numbers. The entire series of numbers is pre-determined by a fixed number, known as the seed.

Software developers manipulate this seed, so they control the payout percentages of online casino games.


Why is RNG Gaming Important at Online Casino?

In the past, RNGs were only used to run slot machines. These days, online slots are far more complicated, and since they can be played over numerous pay lines, an RNG was required to ensure that games were fair and honest. Game of chance sites trust them to produce accurate results, so can you.

Before you even sit down to play a game, there is a string of random numbers behind the scene. The sequence keeps moving until you stop spinning the reels.


Which Online Casino Games use RNG?

The good news is that all modern casino games use RNGs, that injects an element of luck to the games. Software-based versions of games, such as slot games, roulette and blackjack, all use RNGs to determine the outcome.

The only games that don’t use RNGs are the live dealer games. Since players are mostly used to dealing with human croupiers and dealers, RNGs aren’t used in these games. You can see shufflers popping up on your screen to shuffle cards as you are playing at a live casino.

Software providers such as Evolution Gaming, reassure players of fairness, and it uses multiple camera angles to ensure transparency.


Do RNGs Affect My Strategy?

If you are playing blackjack and you are trying to card-count, you should definitely rid of your current strategy. Counting cards doesn’t work since the RNG reshuffles the cards after each round. Every single hand is completely randomised, making card-counting pointless.

When it comes to betting strategies, such as the Martingale, you can still use it, as an RNG does not have any influence on your betting strategies.

In conclusion, RNG technology has made it easy for the online gaming industry to be more fair and transparent, giving you extra peace of mind. Since RNGs offer an unpredictable result, luck is in your hands.

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