Inspired by stories of pirates, Silver Seas is a swashbuckling add-on to the superb online casino game. In this review, we will talk about the game, its theme, themes, mechanics, and its promotional tools. You can read the entire review at the link below. It will be also interesting for you if you like pirates and enjoy playing games with them.

The game is designed with a mixture of luck and skill. The luck aspect of the game comes from the random distribution of coins on the game board. For example, the first five players in the game see the same symbols on their first five placements of the nine scatter reels. The first five players also get to choose the first ship among the fleet of the players in the game. These actions result in a variety of actions that could help or hurt the players.

All the ships in the game have features that allow them to be either purchased or rented by players. Rental ships are often used for exploration and they have repair facilities and provisions for boarding parties. Buying a gold or silver slot is actually optional since one can simply purchase a cannon which is used against enemy ships, though players can always rent a cannon for the sake of playing the game without spending anything. As for the game mechanics, one can always try out the free practice slots until they become familiar with the action buttons, action sequences and the whole interface of the different game icons. The silver slot machine also has symbols for the game that you will need to identify with.

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