Divine diamonds


Divine Diamonds is a free online video slot machine based on the slot machines of yesteryear. The theme of this game is very obvious, it is based around actual diamond-like coins that spin around the reels. There are no other graphics or sounds associated with this game and there is not a live dealer where you can actually gamble with real money. The concept is simple and the way the reels are played is fun. In all there is not a lot of strategy involved but there are enough buttons and levers in this free online slot game to make it fun.

The concept is that after you scatter all the “fruit” coins on the horizontal reels you should carefully collect them up by hitting them in the space provided. The object is not to reach the winning position before time expires. You do collect the fruits if you hit them while they are on the horizontal bars and if they are on the vertical bars they are yours for that round.

This is another easy to learn slot machine game using nothing but the familiar concept of randomly arranged rows of coins in a circular pattern. This time the twist is that you have to scatter real diamonds instead of just fruit ones on the slots. You do this by hitting the right keys which scatter the diamonds in a random arrangement so you must hit the proper keys in the correct sequence in order to make them scatter real diamonds. When time expires you get the cash prize because the jackpot is twenty times the amount of your bet.

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