9 blazing diamonds


Slot 9 Blazing Diamonds is an exciting new slot game from Microgaming, where it promises to bring you hours of real casino action for a fraction of the price. It is a new take on the classic roulette wheel, using nine dazzling diamonds instead of the traditional lotto wheel. This is an online only game, so it doesn’t require any downloads to the computer. You must simply visit the Microgaming website to start playing.

In this version of the slot machine action, you have a short time to complete one spin on the wheel before time runs out. You get a list of all the numbers on the wheel before it appears, and must quickly go over the numbers and select ones that correspond to the letter on the wheel. If you pick wrong numbers, you will be forced to start all over again. There are no other limitations, so you may as well go through your list as many times as you want, earning as many bonuses and coins as possible in the process.

The catch is that there is only one chance to earn a win here, so it pays to play carefully. If you don’t like playing at all, then it’s best to stick to the lowest stakes. Winning here is relatively easy, since you earn not only on the actual bet but also on the spin of the wheel, so you have some control over how much you bet. If you want to win, then bet the low amounts as often as possible. However, keep in mind that the lower your stakes are, the more likely you are to miss on a chance to win a wild number or jackpot, so keeping the small bets at the maximum allowed is generally the best way to go.

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